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I love smelling like cookies!!

I love this set so much!! It really does smell like cookies but isn't overbearing. The body butter is so smooth and creamy and just melts into the skin. I love this set so much

Latoya Garcia
Smelling good!!!

I love the products … the smell so good …. I like the size…. It’s kind of watery but when I put it on my skin my skin was so soft ….. I would definitely buy more …. I only thing I don’t like Is the letters on the outside of the bottle was alll over my hands I mean the ink….

Melanin Beauty
Lisa Goodman

The Melanin Beauty body butter is to die for. Where have you been" all my life" . I was a Shea butter person also. Now I'm hooked on Crown Jeweled Bath and Body. Yes, baby

Alexandria Washington
Absolutely love it!

I’ve ordered it multiple times, love it! I’m glad it still smells the same even though the color is different

Great value

Great product... and i got it even before the delivery date! Thanks

Sweet Spot
Feeling Fresh!!!

I definitely feel fresh! I have been struggling with BV on and off for years! This is definitely helping! Also helps when my PH is thrown off by stress

Sweet Spot
WAP - Washed and Pampered

I use this product daily. It is very different from using regular soap in that region. I like the foaming, the gentle cleansing feel and freshness(not tingling) I receive from this product. I actually think there are males who would benefit from this product on their nether regions as well

Great Natural Ladies Cleanser

My new go-to product for feminine wash.

Sweet Spot
Clean as a whistle

Better than summers eve!

Thank you

This stuff is amazing.. Love what the company stands for and the natural ingredients. My vaginal area smells and feels amazing all of the time. Minimal scent also. If youre on the fence just get it.

Sweet Spot
My favorite cleanser and a repeat buy!

Just feels good, and doesn't give any sensitivity

Sweet Spot
Love this scent

Love the scent, tried this on a whim I figured I'd never had a feminine wash before so maybe I'd try one idk if it works differently than normal body wash but I did love the scent and it lasted a really long time and for the price I can see myself repurchasing

Sweet Spot
Its AMAZING & worth every cent

I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for over 2 years. I've even been placed on diflucan for 6 months by my doctor to try and get rid of it and they just kept coming back. I started using this last month when I got it. as a sample in my order and I haven't had an infection since. This is the first time in 2 years that I've gone a full month without a yeast infection and it has honestly changed my quality of life. I will never not use this product again. Thank you

Sweet Spot

Just. WOW. Fresh scent and feeling after use. You MUST try it to believe it and just trust me you need it. Caution: Slippery when wet wet (wink wink)

so creamy

This body butter is so creamy and rich. I love the way it feels on my skin. Its not heavy and not oily but it keeps me moisturized all day.

Thanks for your review! We're glad you love our vegan body butter.

Sweet Spot
For Sensitive Skin

I honestly have sensitive feminine skin. Can�t use many products comfortably. THIS product really works for me as it says it should - happy repeat customer.

Sweet Spot
Excellent product.

Love this product. I use it everywhere. Keeps me fresh even after a workout.

Sweet Spot

my new fav

Sweet Spot

This product actually works!!! I�ve had issues down there for months when it comes to smell. I�ve tried several washes but none of them took away the smell. This product within the first 3 washes the smell is almost entirely gone! I�m so happy. Never using anything else besides this.

Non Irritating and Foamy

I'm very happy with the product. I'm sensitive and there's no irritation. Good foaming gives a sense of good cleansing too.


Love this product! Wanted something that was natural and came across this and gave it a try and i haven�t stopped using it since

Sweet Spot
Great non-toxic cleanser!

So, yes, technically, you do not need to use any sort of intimate wash, but, I also know there�s no way I�ll just be using water, so this really was more of a harm reduction for me. SE has a lot of toxic ingredients, so I went to find one with safe ingredients, enter in Crown Jeweled!�

A must try!!!

If you can�t use a lot of soaps and body washes like me then you must give this a try. Someone told me about this product and I tried it and I LOVE it!

Great quality, great packing, great deal!

Love this product.Intoxicating scent and a little goes a long way

The smell is great

I like this one but it’s a little too watery. But again the smell is great 😊